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Akme. Studia historica

The editor of the series is Prof. Ryszard Kulesza.
October 2008 was marked by the publication of the first issue of the “Akme. Studia historica” series. It contained a translation of Xenophon’s Lakedaimonion Politeia.
The following works have been published as part of the series so far:

  1. Xenophon, Ustrój polityczny Sparty, ed. R. Kulesza, Warszawa 2008;
  2. R. Kulesza, "With the shield or upon it" : military death and cowardice in Sparta, Warszawa 2008;
  3. M. Stępień, From the history of state system in Mesopotamia : the kingdom of the Third Dynasty of Ur, Warszawa 2009;
  4. J. Rzepka, The Aetolian elite warriors and fifth-century roots of Hellenistic Confederacy, Warszawa 2009;
  5. Historia starożytna w Polsce : informator, ed. R. Kulesza, M. Stępień, Warszawa 2009;
  6. D. Musiał, Postumius' speech of Livy and Bacchanalian Affair, Warszawa 2009;
  7. L. Mrozewicz, Roman Empire during the reign of the Flavians : principal trends of development and threats, Warszawa 2010;
  8. M. Nagielski, The decline of the traditional Polish warfare : in the period of the Great Northern War, Warszawa 2010;
  9. T. Mojsik, Between tradition and innovation : genealogy, names and the number of the muses, transl. M. Fijak, Warszawa 2011;
  10. R. Matuszewski, Eros and Sophrosyne : morality, social behaviour and paiderastia in 4th-century B.C. Athens, Warszawa 2011.