For our alumni

In many countries the community of every university is made up of its current students and staff as well as its alumni. Unfortunately, in Poland (not only at the IH UW), people often loose touch with their university after graduation. We would like to change that. We believe that it is worth staying in touch with your institute after graduation. The IH UW really cares about this, an attitude seen e.g. in the 1st IH UW Alumni Reunion, which took place in 2010 and which featured nearly 450 participants. We would like to continue such meetings in the future. However, we would also like to be in touch with our alumni on a “daily” basis. That is why under the “Alumni” tab you will find information about IH UW activities addressed to our alumni. We will upload here announcements for them as well as reminiscences and photographs documenting the Institute’s past. We will be grateful for your suggestions, remarks as well as any material that can be uploaded to the website.

Please visit – and like :) – the IH UW official Facebook page. Our FB page is addressed to our alumni as well as other people interested in what the IH UW does. We post there information about various events (meetings etc.) taking place at the IH UW, as well as information about research, publishing, popularising etc. activities of the IH UW staff, doctoral students, and graduate and postgraduate students. In addition, we try to post information about various activities of our alumni. Any information of this kind sent to us will be greatly appreciated.

Please, stay with us :)