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INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN GRADUATE STUDY PROGRAMME – MEDIEVAL HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY (HISTARMED) in collaboration with the following UNIVERSITIES: LUMIERELYON 2, ALMA MATER STUDIORUM – UNIVERSITA di BOLOGNA, UNIVERSIDAD de GRANADA and INSTITUTE OF ARCHAEOLOGY, UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW – offered to graduates with at least a BA and knowledge of at least one language used at the Universities making up the HISTARMED consortium (French, Italian or Spanish). 
Thanks to the accession of the University of Warsaw to the HISTARMED international consortium, graduate students can follow a European Study Programme entitled “Medieval history and archaeology”. Students choosing the European Study Programme can expand their knowledge of and skills associated with medieval history and archaeology. A particular added value provided by the programme is its internationalisation stemming from the fact that students are obliged to spend two semesters (2nd and 3rd) at one of the partner Universities making up the consortium (Université Lumière – Lyon 2, Alma Mater Studiorum – Università degli Studi di Bologna and Universidad de Granada). This not only will enable all students of the “Medieval history and archaeology” European Programme to obtain a diploma from one of the leading humanities Universities in Europe, but also will have a huge impact on the acquisition of competences associated with combining and gathering experiences, knowledge and skills in all their variety stemming from studying in different countries, different universities and different academic milieus. The students will also be able to acquire new social competences by virtue of studying in an international environment.
Students enrolled on the “Medieval history and archaeology” European Programme focus on the Middle Ages, following the same curriculum as the other graduate students, though in a slightly different form stemming from the international nature of the consortium. Under the European Study Programme, the students spend the 2nd and 3rd semester abroad at one or two of the partner Universities. The completion of the European Study Programme is documented by a diploma of the University of Warsaw and, if requested by the student, second or third diploma issued by the Universities at which the student has spent part of the programme. The overseas part of the course takes place under the Erasmus programme.
Graduate recruitment process follows the rules stipulated in the Decision no. 376 of the Senate of the University of Warsaw of 18 May 2011.
The “Medieval history and archaeology” (HISTARMED) European Study Programme is available to full-time graduate students selected in an internal recruitment process which takes place in the first week of the academic year.
Quota of places – 5
– knowledge of at least one foreign language at the level of at least B2 out of the languages used at the foreign Universities making up the consortium (French, Italian and Spanish).
If there are more candidates than the number of places on the programme, selection will be made on the basis of the score obtained during the graduate recruitment process.