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The Institute of History carries out teaching and research activities relating to the history of Poland and the world. The Institute staff are involved in various activities popularising historical knowledge, e.g. by participating in various promotional campaigns, in classes held at Children’s Universities and Universities of the Third Age, by conducting series of lectures for high schools, by collaborating in the organisation of museum events etc.
As part of its academic activity, the Institute organises national seminars and conferences, including doctoral conferences and workshops for students. The IH’s publishing activities include publishing Polish- and foreign-language rated journals (including Przegląd Historyczny, Quaestiones Medii Aevi Novae, Palamedes), a journal presenting student papers, Teka Historyka, as well as the “Akme. Studia historica” and “Fasciculi Historici Novi” series. The Institute takes part in international student exchange under the Erasmus programme (agreements with universities in most EU member states) and the Histarmed consortium (France, Italy, Spain). At the moment the IH carries out over 70 national and international research projects financed by grants awarded by the National Science Centre and the National Programme for the Development of the Humanities. In addition, IH staff take part in international projects carried out by foreign universities. The IH Library, one of the largest humanities libraries and the largest historical library in Poland, collects and makes available works dealing with history and related disciplines.