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Klasycy Historiografii Warszawskiej

Klasycy Historiografii Warszawskiej (Classics of Warsaw Historiography)

Editorial Committee:
Katarzyna Błachowska, Marek A. Janicki, Małgorzata Karpińska (chair), Krystyna Stebnicka, Piotr Węcowski.
A publishing series of the now classic works by Warsaw historians. Often forgotten today, these works, thanks to their topics, revelatory theses or methods applied by the authors became models that had a great impact on later historiography.
The following works have been published as part of the series so far:
·         M. Handelsman, Historyka, Warsaw 2011;
·         L. Widerszal, Sprawy kaukaskie, Warsaw 2011;
·         O. Halecki, Dzieje Unii Jagiellońskiej, vol. 1-2, Warsaw 2013.