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Department of Teaching of History



The Department staff conduct classes for future teachers of history and social studies, as well as classes dealing with subjects constituting the core history curriculum – history of historiography, methodology of history. These are also their research fields.
The Department maintains close links with Warsaw schools, several of which are teaching schools where students preparing to become teachers observe and also conduct history and social studies lessons. The Department staff organise, supervise and give credits to students for teaching internships in primary, secondary and high schools. These internships take place in September and October.
Since 2006 the Department has been involved in a COMENIUS C-21 international research project entitled “Europe, a Continent of Migrants”. Twice a year conferences are held to sum up its results. Warsaw hosted one of such conferences in June 2008. Work is currently under way to prepare an international textbook on migrations in Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries.
With regard to the theory of history, the Department staff conduct research focused on:

-    theoretical foundations of historical knowledge,
-    history of Polish and world historiography,
-    analysis of modern research approaches.

Since 2004 every December the Department stages a methodological symposium entitled “The historian and the method” and aimed at exchanging views and ideas between historians and representatives of other humanistic disciplines. Participants in the symposia include scholars from the major academic centres in Poland.