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Department of 19th Century History

(+48) 22 55 24 519 (room 111), 22 55 24 520 (room 112)


Heads of the Department: Prof. Jerzy Skowronek (1982-1994), Prof. Anna Żarnowska (1994-2003), Prof. Tomasz Kizwalter (2003-2013).


Research interests of the Department staff with regard to the history of Poland focus on the problem of modernisation analysed on various levels and from various angles: nation- and state-building processes (Prof. T. Kizwalter), broadly defined social transformations (Prof. Jarosław Czubaty, Prof. Małgorzata Karpińska, Prof. Andrzej Szwarc, Dr Agnieszka Janiak-Jasińska, Dr A. Markowski) as well as transformations of the political culture in the first half of the 19th century (Dr hab. Maciej Mycielski). When it comes to the past of other countries, the Department researchers focus on three areas in Europe: Russia (Prof. A. Szwarc, Dr A. Markowski), Scandinavia (Prof. G. Szelągowska), Germany (Dr P. Szlanta), as well as Western Africa (Dr hab. Marek Pawełczak). Their studies are carried out from diverse perspectives. Research interests of the Department members also include gender issues (Prof. M. Karpińska, Prof. G. Szelągowska, Prof. A. Szwarc, Dr A. Janiak-Jasińska) and history of the Jews (Dr A. Markowski).