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Department of Early Modern History

(+48) 22 55 24 517, 22 55 24 524 (room 113), 22 55 24 518 (room 114)


The Department of Early Modern History, covering the period between the  16th and 18th centuries, is characterised by a considerable variety of research interests of its staff, which is quite understandable given the long period it encompasses. Research carried out by the Department scholars deals with the history of international relations and diplomacy, especially the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s relations with the Grand Duchy of Moscow and Russia in the 17th-18th centuries, with Turkey and the Tatars in the 16th-17th centuries; as well as political history of the Commonwealth in the 18th century. Economic and social history (also historical demography), including crime, history of technology in the early modern period and the industrial revolution constitute the second area of issues studied at the Department. Another one comprises the history of modern warfare and the “military revolution” in the early modern period in Poland. Research into the history of culture focuses on the history of political culture in the 16th-17th centuries; history of political thought in the 16th-18th centuries; the press in Poland, France, the German Reich and the Netherlands; flow of information and ideas; travelling across Europe as one of the sources of broadening intellectual horizons of Poles in the early modern period. Finally, religious relations and disputes, both in Poland and in German countries, make up the most recent research topics.

All the topics are associated with MA and PhD seminars, individual or collective source editions, as well as monographs.